Quick Answer: Which Two Landforms Are Caused By Convergent Boundaries?

What landforms occur at plate boundaries?

Landforms at plate boundaries.

There are 4 basic landforms that you need to know found at plate boundaries.

These are fold mountains, mid ocean ridges, ocean trenches and types of volcano..

What are the 3 types of convergent boundaries and what do they cause?

There are three types of convergent boundaries each with its own consequences.Oceanic-Continental Convergence. The first type of convergent boundary is Oceanic-Continetal Convergence. … Oceanic-Oceanic Convergence. The next type is Oceanic-Oceanic Convergence. … Continental-Continental Convergence.

What do convergent boundaries cause?

Convergent plate boundaries are locations where lithospheric plates are moving towards one another. The plate collisions that occur in these areas can produce earthquakes, volcanic activity, and crustal deformation.

What type of convergent boundary do mountains form?

Natural phenomena such as earthquakes, mountain formation, and volcanoes occur at plate boundaries. Mountains are usually formed at what are called convergent plate boundaries, meaning a boundary at which two plates are moving towards one another. This type of boundary eventually results in a collision.

What are five kinds of landforms caused by plate movement?

Over millions of years, the forces of plate movement can change a flat plain into landforms such as anticlines and synclines, folded mountains, fault-block mountains, and plateaus.

How do plate boundaries affect landforms?

In convergent and destructive plate boundaries, two plates collide into each other forming breaks in the Earth which then lead to landforms. This can include mountains or mountain ranges. Also convergent and destructive plate boundaries can create volcanoes and a variety of other landforms.