Quick Answer: What Does Get With The Times Mean?

Whats does sign mean?

The definition of a sign is anything that shows a meaning, a mark used as an abbreviation or shortening of something, or a publicly displayed board.

An example of sign is a symbol from a loved one who has passed.

An example of sign is a thumbs up for a good job.

An example of sign is an advertisement for a sale..

What does get with it mean?

get with itto know about what is happening or things that are fashionable at the present time. If you’ve never used the Internet, you need to get with it. Synonyms and related words. – To know something or someone.

What is the meaning of trying times?

Times of trouble, struggle, or unhappiness. I’ve had my share of trying times over the years, but they helped shape me into the person I am today. We’re in for some trying times if these sales don’t improve. See also: times, trying.

What does Time Enough mean?

in season; early enough.

Is Sign of the times a cover?

There are others, whoever, who are taking this coincidence as a sign (no pun intended,) that Styles’ “Sign Of The Times,” will in fact be a cover of the Prince song, “Sign ‘O’ The Times.” Which, in my opinion, seems a little far fetched.

What does it mean if something is trying?

adjective. extremely annoying, difficult, or the like; straining one’s patience and goodwill to the limit: a trying day; a trying experience.

What does I’m trying mean?

1. adjective. If you describe something or someone as trying, you mean that they are difficult to deal with and make you feel impatient or annoyed. Support from those closest to you is vital in these trying times. Synonyms: annoying, hard, taxing, difficult More Synonyms of trying.

What is a conspicuous person?

The definition of conspicuous is something that is obvious or easy to see. An example of conspicuous is a naked person on the field during a football game.

What does the phrase sign of the times mean?

: something that shows the kinds of things that are happening, popular, important, etc., in a culture at a particular period in history Having metal detectors in schools is a sign of the times.

What does get with the program mean?

informal. : to start doing what others need or want one to do : to become involved and active in a useful and effective way His boss told him that he’d better get with the program if he wants to keep his job.